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"I started the SET company with one mission in mind. Above all, I wanted to help people get ready, get SET, for their retirement! So if SET Retirement Planning Solutions has helped you, please write a nice note for the company in the comment box below."

-Mark Gillett, SET Founder and CEO

4 thoughts on “SET Company”

  1. Ensuring I am SET for retirement has been one of the most reassuring and rewarding decisions I have made. Starting this process at an earlier age of 28 was incredibly advantageous. The road to retirement can seem daunting but Mark did a wonderful job explaining the benefits/details of my plan and continues to do so as I have additional questions. I trust him 100% and recommend him to anyone I hear is looking to secure their financial future. Thank you so much Mark for the diligence, knowledge, care you put into helping your clients.

  2. I was concerned that if something happened to me, my pension would end, and my wife would not be taken care of. I have an existing life insurance policy with a premium that increases every five years. The first financial planner I spoke with recommended that I let the insurance policy expire, due to the increased cost, and purchase a large annuity. Then I contacted Mark and explained our situation. He personalized a retirement plan that gave us a safety net if something were to happen to me. He explained that my existing life insurance policy was the best mechanism to provide financial help to my wife in the event of my death. He showed us a way to continue to pay the increasing premiums and keep the life insurance. We also ended up purchasing a small annuity. He was very helpful with our annuity and explaining how it all worked. I have a great weight lifted off my shoulders knowing my wife will be taken care of. We recommend taking some time and talking to Mark about any of your money concerns.

  3. Mark was insistent that I knew what I was getting into when I purchased my new annuity. He wanted me to know all the information before I decided to make a change to my retirement accounts. If I didn’t understand something, he would go over it and over it until I understood it. I believe he was on my side to make the right decision. It’s always hard to make big changes. I knew that one of my IRAs was not doing what I felt it should be doing with my money. Additionally, Mark helped me to see that some of my other IRAs were not in my best interest. I ended up consolidating multiple IRAs into the new annuity. I believe that Mark will not just abandon me. I know that he will help me whenever I need any financial advice. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to working with him in the future.

  4. He’s the only one I trust! I feel retirement can be so complicated if you don’t understand the pros vs the cons. You must find the right company to guide you through the constant changes.

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