SET is an independent retirement planning agency. Consequently, we can offer products from many different companies. Therefore, we can recommend a product from the company that best meets the needs of our client. This difference sets us apart from many of our competitors.

The Texas Department of Insurance has authorized SET to transact insurance business in the state of Texas as a General Lines Agency (Life, Accident, Health and HMO). Similarly, the insurance authorities in the states of Arkansas, Arizona, California and Colorado have also authorized SET to transact insurance business.

SET provides financial planning as it applies to retirement. To support this charter, it is not necessary for SET to be a Registered Investment Advisor firm. However, to be knowledgeable about the principles of Wealth Management, the Founder and CEO of SET has taken and passed the North American Securities Administrators Association 1-65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination (Series 65 Exam).

Investment Adviser for SET Retirement Planning Solutions.

Our Specialties

When it comes to retirement planning, we are "SET" to provide a variety of solutions to meet your retirement needs. Firstly, we have a specialty in various Income Products for those seeking retirement income. These products offer a conservative risk profile, good earnings, and a relatively low level of active participation. Secondly, we have a specialty in retirement Health Insurance for those that are age 65, disabled, or have ESRD. Thirdly, we have a specialty in Wealth Management for those that are retiring, but still wanting to risk part of their retirement savings in the Stock Market. Finally, we have a specialty in Social Security which can supplement retirement savings.

A young couple sitting at table discussing their retirement plan.

Our Approach

Our goal as retirement planning experts is to offer valuable and applicable information to potential clients.  Moreover, this is the same information we have utilized to get "SET" for our own retirement. Therefore, we believe in the information that we give. Also, we know that giving this information to our potential clients equips them to make good decisions. Consequently, they become lifelong clients.

"To serve people by helping them solve tough problems" is the Mission Statement of SET's Founder and CEO. As a result, we stay in contact with our clients even after they retire. We offer annual checkups with clients to help their retirement plans stay on course.

An investment advisor meeting with a client at a coffee shop.

Our SETtings

It is important for us to get to know our clients in order to understand their needs. Likewise, it is important for our clients to get to know us in order to trust our recommendations. We can get to know each other by many means. Firstly, we can rely on talking face to face. Accordingly, SET holds special events to meet new people. Also, we visit folks in the comfort of their own home or in the neutrality of a nice public place. Lastly, when time or distance are issues, we use voice and/or video technology.

Trust Us to Get Ready... Get SET!

We offer valuable information on specialized products in a setting most comfortable to you. How can you turn this down?